Englighten your way

Siraj Institute is home for high quality, authentic Islamic education. 

Applications Still Open for Winter 2023!

Slow down. Don’t rush. Think carefully before taking every decision. Unless it’s an opportunity to bring goodness to your hereafter. Hurry up and apply today to englighten yourself, and become a source of light for others.

Islamic Knowlege Level: Holistic.

Siraj Institute utilizes essential Islamic concepts of mentorship and community engagement to deliver quality Islamic education that is both affordable and flexible.  

Beat the Ramadan Rush!

The first bird gets the worm. Give ahead of this Ramadan, and be certain that Allah will grant you more blessings than you have ever experienced.

Quality of Education

Our faculty members have – cumulatively – over 100 years of experience in teaching Islamic studies. Our Diploma program is recognized by over 40 Islamic universities around the world.

Classess offered at two campuses

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    Dymon Storage,  Unit #214
    27 Auriga Drive, Ottawa, ON K2E0B1