Siraj Diploma in Islamic studies

The Siraj Diploma in Islamic Studies (SDIS) is a six terms postsecondary program for those who want to advance their Islamic knowledge to deeper levels.

Admission Requirements and Course Catalogue

To download admission requirements, available courses, and the three-year course plan and course descriptions, click here for English

Courses are offered on evenings and weekends, to make it convenient for those who are currently involved with studies or work to begin their journey in Islamic studies. Instruction is available in either Arabic or English (for the exception of Arabic Language courses, which are offered in Arabic with two levels: native and non-native Arabic speakers).

The classes will be located online at Brookfield Highschool, 824 Brookfield Rd, which is a central location near Carleton University, and is accessible by bus 87 and is a 5-minute walk from the confederation station of the O-train.

The SDIS is accredited by the Islamic University of Minnesota, which is recognized globally by over 40 Islamic universities. Graduates of this program would receive 75 credit hours, which can be used either towards a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies, or – if they have already finished an undergrad degree, a Graduate Diploma in Islamic Studies. Successful graduates who wish to pursue graduate studies may continue to do so at a wide range of universities in four different continents.

Tuition Fees

At Siraj Institute, we believe that no student with good potential should be turned away because of their financial capacity. That’s why we are working hard with businesses, organizations and the government to create solutions to finance your degree. Financial aid services include deferred payments, installments, loans, bursaries, or scholarships. Students must apply for financial aid each semester by submitting the following form:

The fees can be found in the student catalog above.

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