Siraj Diploma in Islamic studies

The Siraj Diploma in Islamic Studies (SDIS) is a six terms postsecondary program for those who want a life-changing program that helps them strengthen their Muslim identity, establish strong foundations for their Islamic knowledge, gain access to mentorship from high-caliber scholars and a strong community of brothers and sisters in faith, and receive direction on translating the knowledge into action through community engagement programs.

Admission Requirements

To download admission requirements, available courses, and the three-year course plan and course descriptions, contact us for the full course description.

Course Offerings

At Siraj, there are dozens of courses to choose from. All our courses are currently offered on evenings of Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after 5:00 pm, to make it convenient for those who are currently involved with studies or work to begin their journey in Islamic studies. Instruction is available in either Arabic or English (with the exception of Arabic Language courses, which are offered in Arabic with two levels: native and non-native Arabic speakers).

The classes will be offered in a hybrid fashion. In-person classes are located at Algonquin College in buildings A, B, and C. Alhamdolillah, we thank Allah for making our partnership with the college easy. Here’s the map of the campus. Online classes are offered to registered students and unable to attend in person. Alhamdolillah, we thank Him for helping us offer Microsoft 365 and Teams for free to our students through our partnership with Microsoft.

Additionally, our program is recognized globally by over 40 Islamic universities through our partnership with the Islamic University of Minnesota. While most universities focus on spreading knowledge to as many people as possible, our diploma program is designed to focus on a small number of students with high potential to change their communities and lead them to that which is better.

Tuition Fees

Since the first day we started, we put up an announcement that said “no student with good potential should be turned away because of their financial capacity.” Even when we didn’t have all the funds to cover the students, we continued to offer to help them, while reaching out to Muslim businesses, organizations, and even to government grants to create sustainable solutions to finance our educational program at little to no cost to our students. Financial aid services include deferred payments, installments, loans, bursaries, or scholarships. We encourage all students who could use some help to apply through our financial aid form.

The standard fees for the years 2022 – 2026 are as follows:

$100 admission fees
$1200 tuition per semester for full-time students (covers six courses per semester)
$500 per course for part-time students.

For a full list of our fees, please see our catalog.

Interested in applying?

if you think this is the right program for you, then start your journey by filling out your request for admission below. We recommend using Chrome or Edge browser, and to bookmark the application form page if you want to come back to it later (the form auto saves).