Siraj Youth Leadership Program

The Siraj Youth Leadership Program (SYLP) was custom tailored for Muslim students ages 15 to 22 (high-school, college or university) who want to play an important role in their community. The two-year program is composed a weekly session during the school year, plus an intensive program in the summer. SYLP features small classes, one-on-one mentorship and a life-changing 500 hours of community service projects; together these features will leave a memorable impact for decades!

Enrollment opens: Dec 15
Decision made (first round): Jan 10
Program begins: Jan 28

Admission Requirements

For the admission requirements, click here.

Course Catalogue

For the two-year course plan and course descriptions, click here.

Tuition Fees

At Siraj Institute, we believe that no student with good potential should be turned away because of their financial capacity. That’s why we are working hard with businesses, organizations and the government to create solutions to finance your degree. Financial aid services include deferred payments, installments, loans, bursaries, or scholarships.

For details about tuition, kindly see the admission requirements file above.

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