Ramadan Mubarak!

What is the problem that we're trying to solve?

Our Islamic History – and present reality – are rich with examples on how knowledge without proper understanding and correct implementation can become harmful, and sometimes deadly.

When it comes to leadership building within our Muslim communities; many are left with a limiting choice of education: Some rely on the internet to pursue their Islamic knowledge – despite the high risk of inauthentic information online, the possibility of grave misunderstandings, and the lack of mentorship and role models on the ground.

Others choose a harder path, to travel overseas. Which would be excellent, except when they find themselves vulnerable, either to be convinced to stay there and never come back; or disconnected from their own community when they do return and find themselves unprepared to apply the knowledge they acquired in their specific context.

The Solution

By combining authentic Islamic knowledge, with hands-on mentorship, and experiential training for community engagement projects, Siraj Institute can build, develop, and empower leaders of Muslim communities across North America, both for the present and the future.

What is special about Siraj Institute?

With the help of God Almighty, then good people like yourself, Siraj Institute has been made possible to operate since 2017. Through generous contributions of Muslims who are passionate about reforming Islamic Education, our institute has become accessible, not only to students who can afford to pursue their education with us, but also every student with high potential, whether or not they can afford it. With your donation, we can continue to provide scholarships for 100% of our students. Those students whom you will support will become the leaders of our communities tomorrow. A better tomorrow starts today.

Urgent Appeal

We need your help this Ramadan 2024. We have created this fundraiser to transform not just lives, but entire communities. Help us pass down the lantern of Prophetic knowledge through authentic Islamic education, with proper mentorship, and impactful community engagement.